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Musicians Wanted is a student-led organization at Emerson College that holds live sessions for local artists throughout Boston and broadcasts these sessions over Emerson's television channel. Each episode normally includes three song performances and an interview segment. 

This design was for Latrell James, a Boston-based rapper backed by a drummer and keyboardist. I worked closely with the scenic designer, Valerie Stebbins, who built a back wall of cardboard boxes covered in news clippings, photographs, and album covers relating to Latrell and his group. I backlit the set with five 1K fresnels, which shone through windowlike gaps in the boxes. I also used rotating glass templates to light the floor beneath Latrell and walls of the set. The piece-de-resistance of the design was a large mirror ball hung over Latrell, which I used as he performed his song, "Mona Lisa Bonet". 

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